April 24th, 2014

It is unlikely that clients will need to update their will as a result of WESA, but it is advisable that clients review their will every five years to ensure your intentions are up to date. Contact us for more information.

Many reforms to the Act modernize this area of law and provide lawyers and other practitioners with necessary clarity. As listed on the Ministry of Justice website, among its benefits, the act:

* clarifies the process of inheritance when a person dies without leaving a will;
* makes the process easier for a person to transfer the title of their spousal home when their spouse dies;
* clearly outlines the sequence in which to look for heirs to a person’s estate;
* provides the courts with more latitude to ensure a deceased person’s last wishes will be respected; and
* lowers the minimum age at which a person can make a will from 19 to 16 years old.

For more information on WESA, please see the BC Ministry of Justice website.

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