Estate Litigation

Disinherited. Unfair treatment. Undue influence.

Right now in Canada we are experiencing one of the largest intergenerational transfers of wealth in the history of our country. And with this transfer of wealth come disputes over entitlement.

Our estate litigation lawyers are focused on helping people who have reasons to contest or challenge the validity of a will, have been disinherited, or feel they have been treated unfairly.

Undue influence is also a major concern as senior family members can fall under the influence of unscrupulous people.

We represent clients in disputes about family business succession, leadership, and management, be they individuals taking legal action, or estates requiring defence against such claims.

It is time to contact us when:

  • You feel the terms of a will are unfair or invalid
  • You have been wrongly disinherited
  • You suspect a family member or other individual is exerting undue influence
  • You feel a will to which you are a beneficiary is being unjustly attacked
  • You believe you are being treated unfairly with regard to the family business

Our Richmond estate litigation lawyers are experienced advocates who frequently and successfully resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, or in the courts.  We have experience at appearing at all levels of British Columbia. We’re ready to help you. Call 604-273-8481 to arrange an initial consultation.