Wills, Estates, Trusts & Incapacity Planning

Families have changed, but what holds them together remains constant. Caring deeply for those we love is the greatest impetus to planning for their future. Whether you are part of a “nuclear” family, in a common law, same sex, or second marriage, or are a single parent by choice, we will ensure that your estate plan reflects your wishes and protects your loved ones.

Our experienced wills and estates lawyers help clients make these important decisions and plans by:

  • Preparing wills, powers of attorney and representation agreements
  • Advising on the many uses of trusts
  • Advising clients on estate planning structures to reduce probate taxes as well as other tax minimization strategies
  • Assisting with marital contracts as a part of estate planning
  • Helping couples to determine their legal rights and obligations with insurance and pension benefits.

We work closely with you to establish plans in advance of temporary or permanent incapacity, should you or a family member lose the mental ability to manage their own medical, personal care, legal, and financial affairs. Advising clients on enduring powers of attorney is a part of this process. If a family member reaches a state of incapacity before a power of attorney has been put into place, we are here to assist with the application for committeeship.

Yes, relationships of all kinds are complicated, and our legal team is highly skilled in estate planning for complex family situations. We’re ready to help you. Call 604-273-8481 to arrange an initial consultation.