January 10th, 2019

CFMR is pleased to welcome Donald (Don) Boyle to the firm as Associate Counsel.  After practicing as both barrister and solicitor in Richmond since 1982, Don brings a wealth of experience to CFMR business clients.

Along with his proven skills and expertise, Don is known for his well-honed legal perspectives and understanding. He is adept at recognizing and avoiding potential areas of dispute before they arise.  He believes strongly in the importance of well drafted agreements, often saying that “good agreements are upheld in the courtroom, but superior agreements avoid the courtroom altogether”.  And his formidable ability to quickly understand complex business transactions consistently leads to favourable results.

In addition to his practice, Don has been a member of several corporate and charitable boards. For nine years he has served on the board of a society that helps people with developmental disabilities thrive in their own communities.

Welcome to CFMR, Don.

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