May 20th, 2021

CFMR is pleased to announce that Rosalyn Lau has joined our firm as associate lawyer. Rosalyn plans to remain actively involved in a broad group of practice areas with our firm, but with a focus in our Civil Litigation practice areas.

Prior to joining CFMR, Rosalyn interned during her articles, and assisted in trials and has successfully advocated for her clients in several contested applications in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Rosalyn has extensive experience in civil litigation from her previous career as a paralegal in Vancouver. It was her passion for the practice of law that propelled Rosalyn to become a lawyer. Her unique background provided her with valuable skills to manage cases effectively.

With her diverse experiences and cross-cultural background Rosalyn brings a unique perspective and set of skills to help clients on a wide range of legal issues.

Welcome, Rosalyn!

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